How to Grow Beautiful Carnations

Growing a flower garden is going to be a great way to spruce up your lawn or an otherwise dull area of your home. However, what you need to realise is you will want to make sure you have the proper tips to help you in getting the beautiful looking flowers you want to have in your garden.

Since this is the case, you will want to use the tips that we have here to help you in getting the most beautiful carnations that you can find. If you’re not the gardening type then you can head over to¬† and buy some carnations there.

bouquet of carnations

Once you know about these tips and start to use them properly, it will quickly be easy for your garden to become the envy of the entire neighbourhood.

Provide The Proper Soil

The soil is going to make all the difference in how your carnations are going to turn out. When you have the proper soil you will notice the plants have a tendency to grow up to be stronger plants, but also have a chance to get rooted deeper into the dirt. So you will like the fact that you are able to get the plants growing right with the soil that is going to provide them with the best results possible.

You need to remember before you do go out and plant these carnations, if you want them to become beautiful plants, is to work the soil. By breaking up the soil below the plants you will start to encourage the roots to get down deeper in the dirt. At the same time, this is going to allow for better drainage as well.

If you are unsure what your soil needs to have you may want to take a soil sample and have it tested. Then you will know what kind of changes you need to make to the dirt for it to work for the carnations.

When you do take a soil sample you need to make sure the company doing the testing knows you are going to grow carnations in the dirt.

Fertilise With A 20-10-20 Fertiliser

Using a fertiliser on carnations will help ensure the plants are going to get the proper nutrition. With a carnation you are going to need a blend that is going to be as close to a 20-10-20 blend as possible.

When you are getting close to this type of a blend it will be very easy for you to get the plant and have it growing properly, but also know the plant will have all the nutrition it needs as well. The amount of time you have to fertilise will vary, but some people say to fertilise once a month and others say do this weekly.

The main thing that you will want to use is to evaluate the plants condition. This will let you know if you need to add in fertilise when you are watering the plant or not. If you have any doubts as to when you should be using the fertiliser you will want to check with the local gardening centres and see what they are thinking could be wrong with the plants.

Water At Least Once A Week

Just like people, carnations need to have water on a regular basis. As a minimum, you will want to make sure your carnation is getting watered at least once a week. You may find that some of the water can be done at a level that is not a lot, but other times you may need to add in quite a bit of water. So you will want to keep an eye on the weather and if possible measure how much water you are getting with the rainfall to see if you need to add in additional water for the plants.

If it is raining for days on end, you need to make sure the dirt around the carnations is well drained. If it is not drained properly you could end up getting a flower that is basically drowning because it has to much water or even worse the flowers roots could start to rot and you would not only lose your flower this year but in the following year as well.

Pinch Off Dead Buds To Encourage Constant Flowering

Now, a common thing that people do not do is pinch off the dead flower heads. When you are pinching off the dead flower heads you will encourage the plant to keep blooming. Usually when you are letting the plant go you will leave the dead flowers on as the plant will realise it is time to start to store energy. However, not everyone wants to see their beautiful carnation plants start to die off in July and want them to go until the Autumn. So pinching off the dead flower heads is a great way to keep the plant blooming for the entire summer.

After The Season Cut Carnation Back To The Ground

Sadly, the growing season will come to an end at some point in the year. Yes, this means the plants are going to have to die back to rest so they can come up the next year. When you are doing this, you will notice that you will need to cut your carnations back to the ground level. Then you can mulch or put straw over the plants. This way they are going to be protected from the winter weather that could easily lead to the plants dying off or even worse not coming back the next year because of the winter weather stunting them.

When you are looking at the best way to get a beautiful carnation you will notice that it is rather easy. Then you will be able to use the tips that are here to help you in getting the beautiful looking flowers you want to have and know it is going to allow you to have a garden that will quickly become the envy of the neighbourhood because you have managed to get the beautiful flowers that everyone has wanted to get for years.